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Unit 1. Lesson 9, p.23

1. Read and complete the sentences with the verbs from the box in the
Present Simple or the Present Continuous Tense.

Прочитайте і Доповніть речення дієсловами з таблиці, використовуючи Теперішній Простий або Present Continuous час.

• to have (got) • to read • to know • to help • to wear • to be •

1. Sue and her family know most of the people in their town.

Сью та її сім'я знають  більшість людей в їхньому місті.


2. The Wilson family have got the biggest sheep farm in Australia.

Родина Вілсон отримала найбільшйу ферму овець в Австралії.


3. Most of Mr and Mrs Wilson’s friends are engineers.

Більшість друзів містера та місіс Вілсон є інженерами.


4. Sue is reading a book at the moment.

Сью читає книгу у даний момент.


5. Mark helps his parents do the shopping on Sundays.

Марк допомагає батькам робити покупки по неділях.


6. The children are wearing hats because it’s very cold now.

Діти носять капелюхи, тому що дуже холодно зараз.


Use the Present Simple, the Present Continuous or the Past Simple Tense of the verbs given in brackets.

1. Where ..... you usually ..... (to go) for your summer holidays?
2. Andrew and Polly often ..... (to visit) us on Sundays.
3. ..... they ..... (to write) their homework now?
4. What ..... he ..... (to do) last night?
5. Mike ..... (to work) in the library now.
6. ..... she ..... (to listen) to the radio yesterday?

Writing Lab

a) Write ten questions to interview your friends for an article in the school
newspaper. Then interview your friends.
E x a m p l e:
How many members are there in your family?
How old is your sister (brother)?
What does your father do? Etc.
b) Write a short story about your friend. Say what you like / don’t like
about his / her life.

Read and complete the dialogue. Then act it out.
Ann: Last month I heard that there was life on the planet Mars.
What do you think about that?
You: ..... .
Ann: I like the stories about discoveries. What kind of stories do you like best?


сторінка 025 впр.6

Read Ex. 3 again. Find the verbs in the Past Simple Tense and write them
down in the Present Simple Tense. Make three sentences with them.

Прочитай Ex. 3 знову. Знайди дієслова у простому минулому часі і запиши їх
в Простому теперішньому часі. Зроби три речення з ними.

said - say

dropped - drop

jumped -jump

helped -help

stopped -stop

hugged - hug

1. I always say "Hello".

2. I like to jump.

3. Help me please. 

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